Gustave’s diary Monday, 1 February

Monday, 1 February 2010

It’s Gustave here, singer of the cabaret, with my friend, Nhar. Soon we will do our show, Cabaret Terrarium in New York City, but we want to give you a travelog of what we are up to in the next few days before the show start on Friday, February 5. We will be so happy to be in New York.

Bon. So. Last night, Nhar and myself we did a cabaret gig in Lausanne, Switzerland. This morning, we see two guys in the park, playing chess, with life-size chess piece, on a chess board on the cement, painted. Nhar he played the winner, and he got for himself a prize: one cup of excellent coffee from Colombia, from the kiosk next to the chess board. The guy who ran the kiosk he is from Bern, in the German part of Switzerland, and he say his brother he own a small ski rental shop in Bern which he turn into a cabaret club at night. So we say bon, we go there.

And Nhar and myself, we get on a train and we go northeast, towards the city of Bern. It’s a beautiful country, Switzerland. Many river, lake, mountain. Also more mountain. And a lot of snow, even in the summer. And in Switzerland, even in the medium-size city like Bern and Basel, you cannot buy anything after five o’clock. If you want some toilet paper or perhaps some batteries, you have to go to the post office. They close at eight.

Bon. We are on a very fast and clean train on the way to Bern, when Nhar he see a big hill with beautiful trees. There is something shiny about halfway up to the top, and Nhar he want to see what it is. So, we get off the train at a very tiny station. It’s not so much a station, it’s more some steps made of wood. We walk into the forest, and we go up the hill. We are grabbing rocks and trees for balance. Also, small bush. My red tie it get stuck on branches two times, but I can to burst free both times with no serious damage to my tie. It seems, luck is with me still.

Finally, we reach the tree. We climb up and out to the branch with the shiny thing. We crawl closer, and closer, and oh! We see it’s a postcard. It’s a postcard for our show, at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn, in New York City, starting Friday, February 5.

But we already knew that. We are very excited to do our show in New York. We love New York. But now unfortunately we are stuck at the edge of this branch of the tree, and it’s starting to break. That would not be so good. It’s a long way down, and if we survive, we would probably still miss the show in New York on Friday. We start to think, perhaps it would be good if a helicopter flew by us now, with a rope ladder for us to climb up.

Please check back tomorrow to see if we make it.

Your friend,

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