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Harrington & Kauffman

A comedy theater duo from New York.

See them for one show only at the Kraine Theater in NYC in July 2023!

Cabaret Terrarium
a comedy about a Belgian cabaret singer with a shady past

The Kraine Theater at Frigid NYC
85 East 4th St
New York, NY

Sunday, July 23, 7:00pm


Sliding scale, suggested $25 / $20 streaming
Advance ticket link coming soon!

See this clip from one of the first performances of Cabaret Terrarium back in 2009!

Also see this animated video, which is very tangentially related to the show:

Some stuff people have said about Harrington & Kauffman's live shows:

"Richard Harrington and Chris Kauffman raise the level of comedy to a high art."
— The Globe and Mail, Toronto

"Harrington & Kauffman reinvent, or just blow up, whatever category they're meant to occupy."
— Edmonton Journal

"The actors could probably stand on stage brushing their hair for 20 minutes and make you laugh."
— Baltimore CityPaper


Gustave (left, Richard Harrington) and Nhar (right, Chris Kauffman).

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Also, did you know that Gustave and Nhar have their own facebook page?

Who are Harrington & Kauffman?

Richard Harrington & Chris Kauffman are a theatrical comedy duo from New York City who have toured around the world with the three shows they have created as their alter-egos Gustave and Nhar. Their first production was Motel California (formerly known as, variously, Hotel California and The Show Formerly Known As), their second show was Nharcolepsy, and the third is called Cabaret Terrarium. They have also toured the Canadian fringe with their solo shows, Saving the Desert Tortoise (Harrington) and Action Figure (Kauffman). Action Figure debuted at the Winnipeg Fringe in July of 2014.

You can learn more about their shows and about Harrington & Kauffman by clicking on the links which you will already have noticed in the middle of this sentence. Also see their reviews, many of which describe Harrington & Kauffman better than they can describe themselves.


Also, look, Gustave has discovered Twitter:

And for Gustave's archived Diary from the pre-Twitter stone age (Wordpress), go to: Gustave's Old Diary!